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A key challenge in the 21st Century technology-rich school is how to keep track of students’ learning across time, location, media, and networks. The Next-Tell project has developed a competence-oriented approach to capture and visualise students’ learning in a holistic manner, bridging learning management systems, e-portfolios, and cloud applications and closing the gap between online learning and tablet-based learning activities. Students are offered a wide range of opportunities to practice complex skills, including 21 Century skills. Teachers can plan collaboratively for learning that cuts across the curriculum and analyse students’ learning using advanced assessment and learning analytics approaches. Teachers, students and parents benefit from having managed access to always up-to-date, information-rich, school-wide data on learning and development.

Quick links
Workshop in Austria
In September 2014, an interactive workshop for German-speaking teachers will be held in Austria. It will feature the exchange of experiences as well as hands-on opportunities to try NEXT-TELL software packages. View the workshop details and registration.
German Website
There is a further NEXT-TELL website specifically for the German-speaking community. It is not a translation of this site (for example you won’t find the tool downloads there), but it contains more elaborate content on a number of NEXT-TELL topics.