Meeting with international school partners

 2012-10-01 |

The EC project NEXT-TELL held its 7th plenary meeting from 26th to 28th September 2012 at the KMRC in Tuebingen, Germany. This time the meeting was joined by members of the advisory board as well as by internationally selected principals and teachers to discuss about project ideas, developments and possibilities for knowledge communication.

Formative assessment, immersive learning environments, documenting and visualising learning data (see also OPCO12 „Learning Analytics“), teachers’ inquiriy, and strategic planning of ICT (information and communication technology) in education were discussed by the international partners of the project but also by the project’s advisory board members as well as principals and teachers.

NEXT-TELL based workshops as well as the current NEXT-TELL tool versions were offered to the principals and teachers from Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, England, and Germany. They were asked for their feedback for further development. At the moment the NEXT-TELL tools seem to increase efforts in the time limited school systems and therefore need further adaptation.

The Scientific Coordinator Peter Reimann (standing, middle) introduces the current NEXT-TELL tools.

The goal to communicate and exchange experiences was very welcomed by the international school partners. They reported from their daily teaching and leading organization within their schools. The experiences ranged from sketches of the computer labs to reports of first steps in inquiring a teacher’s own testing ideas.

Patricia Davies (left), teacher in England, reports about her inquiry experiences by means of the NEXT-TELL approach TISL (Teachers’ Inquiry into Students’ Learning)

In addition to the advisory board’s constructive suggestions for the project current developments of ICT in education were communicated. Horn Mun Chea, a member of the Ministry for Education in Singapore, emphasized the teacher trainings in his country to make teachers familiar with learning-teaching settings of collaborative learning and ICT. He recommended considering the time needed to bring change into a school system. The Norwegian Oystein Johannessen, current Chief Strategy Officer of the network education impact, mentioned the current unclear situation with regard to ICT and connectivity in German schools. In a recent survey of about 30 nations, Germany did not participate.

Discussions among the advisory board members, school partners, and the NEXT-TELL project partners.



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