A small but effective and flexible class book

Usually neither students nor teachers are continuously in front of a computer. To enable activity tracking, note taking, and the adjustment of competency levels – tailored for mobile devices – NEXT-TELL offer the MyClass platform.

Marco is a teacher at a junior high school where he teaches physics and geography. Marco’s school is not equipped with sophisticated technical devices but there is a computer in each classroom and a computer lab. For the geography class Marco is using software tools from time to time, e.g., to do tectonic simulations or educational games (e.g., the geography game Feon’s Quest developed in the European 80Days project). Most of the time, however, there is conventional classroom education, although occasionally Marco takes the students on excursions out in nature. Marco wishes he could gather and link the information coming from the software tools he is using and, more importantly, Marco would like to be able to realise activity tracking and note taking of learning progress events from both in the classroom and on excursions outside the school.

NEXT-TELL offers a simple yet flexible online platform named MyClass; the tool can be accessed by all sorts of devices but it is tailored for tablets and smartphones. When using the system in class, Marco has a tablet on the front desk. With a simple touch Marco can record events for his students such as “demonstrating great insight”, “did their homework well”, or perhaps, “student comes late” or, “disturbing the lesson”. At home, Marco is wrapping up the school day and correcting homework; he is using his laptop to access MyClass and he is taking notes and adjusting the learning process on competency level for each of his students. When on excursions, Marco is using his smart phone to continue the activity and competency tracking. At the end of the semester Marco receives complete aggregations of his recordings and visualizations about the learning progress of each of his students. With a single click, Marco can generate the report cards and circulate them to the students and parents.

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