Assessment Engine – Data Marshalling

App Description: The Next-TELL Assessment Engine, also named Data Marshalling service provides means for the configuration and enactment of data marshaling streams using a graphical modeling approach. The graphical approach externalizes the assessment value calculation approach and provides a transparent view on the actual implementation of updates.

The service allows to define GET, TRANSFORM and PUSH services that can be executed following certain control logic to move and transform data elements from one application to the other. The service enables NEXT-TELL to connect internally and integrate tools on one hand but opens the development to external applications and heterogenous environment as observed by the schools targeted.

Target Groups: Developers

Application Benefits:

Using the data marshaling is beneficial to:

  • Enable data integration between components, tool and services
  • Operationalize the integration triggered manually, by events, or according to a time-schedule
  • Flexibly adapt and modify the environment, continuously extend by new services included in the approach

Tool Owner: Wilfrid Utz

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