Collaborative eWriting

Letting students explore Web2.0-possibilities of and for collaboration – a relevant scenario for many of today’s jobs

Irene teaches English in 10th grade in an Austrian grammar school. This year she has put a focus on creative goal-oriented text production. For this she wants to offer her students a realistic workplace-like environment, which is a collaborative eWriting platform. The only thing Irene is worried about is the amount of time that it will need her to permanently monitor the progress of the various teams.

NEXT-TELL provides extensive support for Google-Docs: The Google Docs Progress Tracker allows tracking the progress that’s made in a document: How many words were written by which author? How far is the team away from their target word-count? When did the last action take place? Who wrote a comment?

Irene uses the Google Docs Progress Tracker for regularily checking how the different teams are doing. The overview easily reveals those teams whose work needs further investigation (e.g. because some team members have not yet contributed at all, or the text is still far too short). For a close checkup she uses the NEXT-TELL Text Analyser as well as Google-Docs built-in history function – and almost immediately sees what kind of further attention or coaching a certain team needs.

Irene is very happy to see how her students enjoy the process of creativly and collaborativly working in such an online-environment.

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