Evidence Centered Activity and Assessment Design (ECAAD)

App Description: The Next-TELL ECAAD Planner tool provides a structured planning approach for activity and assessment description based on the ECAAD (Evidence Centered Activity and Assessment Design) methodology.

The tool supports in an integrated manner the definition of the domain, definition of learning activity steps and related assessment approaches for learning activities as a knowledge management tool for teachers.

From a tool perspective, a graphical, model-driven implementation is provided that builds on collaboration, sharing and reusability of defined plans utilizing a library of plans, plan fragements/snipplets.

Target Groups: Teachers, students

Application Benefits:

Using ECAAD is beneficial to:

  • Develop and construct lessons plans including assessment methods
  • Externalize knowledge and expertise available in schools
  • Re-use, share and collaborate on knowlegde development

Tool Owner: Wilfrid Utz

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