Learning Is Personal (LIP)

App Description: NEXT-TELL’s „learning is personal” (LIP) is a tool that captures learning activities in real-time and provides instant statistical feedback. It supports learners’ self- and peer assessments as well as teachers’ observations. It is optimized to fit into the dynamics of classroom activities where time and attention are scarce resources.

The focus of this tool is to provide a holistic overview over all learning activities in all subjects over the whole term. It does not provide specific insights or in-depth analysis. For this purpose, the captured data is forwarded to other NEXT-TELL tools like myClass and OLM. However it provides the teacher with simple, real-time insights and allows the teacher to enhance the data model (e.g. used material) on the fly.

The LIP tool is optimized for performance and to be used on handheld devices like tablets, mobiles or laptops.

Target Groups: Teachers, students, students’ peers.

Application Benefits:

  • integrated into the learning process in class
  • supports both online and physical learning objects – plus it’s linking to competencies
  • helps identifying student’s competencies, strengths and weaknesses
  • helps planning future learning
  • encourages learner independence
  • facilitates interaction between teachers, students and their peers
  • supports assessment

Tool Owners: Klaus Hammermüller, Gerhilde Meissl-Egghart

User manual
Source code

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