Open Learner Model (OLM)

App Description: The open learner model (OLM), is a tool that visualises individual learners’ current understanding of a topic, or their level of competency. The learner model updates as the student learns, and the data that lies behind the model can come from a variety of sources, such as outcomes of teacher or student self-assessment, or computer-based learning interactions. Learner models are built over time, present the most up to date information about student competency, and allow teachers and students to easily identify strengths and areas of difficulty.

Target Groups: Teachers, Students, Students’ Peers.

Application Benefits: Viewing the learner model may be useful for:

  • identifying student competencies, strengths, and weaknesses
  • planning future learning
  • focusing learning
  • promoting metacognition (reflection, planning, (self-)monitoring)
  • encourage learner independence
  • facilitating interaction between teachers, students and their peers
  • supporting assessment, providing formative assessment opportunities

Tool Owners: Susan Bull

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