Primary school learning analytics using tablets

Gaining insights into the individual learning process, providing formative feedback in real time for teacher and students.

Nika and Martina area teachers of two primary school classes in Vienna. Nika is presently leading a 1st and Martina a 3rd grade. They collaborate and jointly educate their 50 students who speak 13 different mother tongues. In order to address the very diverse skill-levels of the children they use a lot of “free learning” with Montessori materials. Both of them spend a lot of time observing, documenting and analyzing the individual learning of the different students.

NEXT-TELL’s package nextTRACK offers LIP, a tool that helps documenting and analyzing the learning process of each student. First a web- and tablet-based “app”, tailored for the use with tablet computers or smart phones helps collecting the data efficiently. It is so easy to use, that the students themselves can use it. Instead of a roll call at the end of each school day Nika and Martina are able to collect the data during class. This frees up 20 minutes of working time for each student each day! In addition the analysis comes in real time. Instead of transcribing the hand written data to a spreadsheet and running different analysis by hand all insights are now available instantly. This saves Nika and Martina a lot of time in the afternoon. Within the nextTRACK package, the collected data can also be projected to a skill model, which builds a belief about the individual’s progress. This helps Nika and Martina a lot for planning individual steps for their students and serves as orientation when discussing next steps and grades with students and parents.

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