Strategic Planning for ICTs in Education (SPICE) Planner

App Description: The SPICE Planner is a tool to support the SPICE (Strategic Planning for ICTs in Education) methodology for the strategic alignment of a school’s pedagogical goals with its use of information technologies.

The SPICE Planner is based on the Balanced Scorecard and Baldrige approaches, aiming to support school leaders who will act as Strategy Planners to identify and define relevant ICT strategy.

Target Groups: School leaders

Application Benefits:

  • Full support of strategic planning, including definition of: goals, indicators, tasks/initiatives as well as assigning responsibilities from the organisational structure
  • A flexible mechanism which allows definition of strategy plans on various levels: school-wide planning, planning for a single class or teacher’s project
  • An assessment mechanism based on traffic-light-coding for an easy status overview
  • A graphical interface to define above listed elements

Tool Owner: Michał Kossowski

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