Teachers Inquiry into Students Learning (TISL) Planner

App Description: The TISL Planner is designed for teachers and educational researchers interested in evidence-based practice. It allows planning, recording and sharing research findings.

The TISL Planner is based on TISL method (Teachers Inquiry into Students Learning), giving teachers and researchers a structured, step-by-step guidance for defining inquiries, supported by various mechanisms to establish and enable quick wins for involved stakeholders.

Target Groups: Teachers, researchers

Application Benefits:

  • A simple web interface designed for fast and easy development of TILS inquiries
  • Full support of TISL Heart Method steps, including possibility to add more details/notes to each step
  • For advanced planning: extended method to plan single steps/activities, time-frame, documents and goals
  • Easy access using tablets and smart phones
  • Different visualisation modes for quick overview as well as detailed TISL description
  • A private and shared space with TISL projects for easy data sharing
  • A live-search mechanism which support reusability of existing (and shared) projects of other teachers
  • An assessment mechanism to visualise completeness and reusability of different TISL projects

Tool Owner: Michał Kossowski

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