Training in data visualization and data comprehension

Using online (math) tools to deepen knowledge in the area of data visualization and comprehension and receiving detailed performance information for formative feedback.

Siegfried is a teacher of Math and Geography in a secondary school class in Austria. In this school year, his pupils should learn how to read and interpret information from different types of graph, and how to construct these graphs. Additionally they will learn how to determine which graphs are appropriate for a given set of data. After giving a theoretical introduction to the class, pupils need to practice their graph skills. For that purpose, Siegfried wants to use Google spreadsheets as it is a freely available online tool that allows for entering, sorting and analysing data, and creating different types of charts in an easy way. However, Siegfried wants to keep informed about whether pupils are on task or need clarification. Knowing how students are progressing and where they have troubles, Siegfried is able to provide students with (formative) feedback that helps them advance their learning and to make necessary instructional adjustments (e.g., re-teaching, offering more opportunities for practice, etc.) to meet student needs.

NEXT-TELL offers a tool named ProNIFA that allows for collecting and analysing all learning activities from pupils while they are working with Google spreadsheet. Siegfried asks his students to practice their graph skills by editing different tasks in Google spreadsheet as homework. The next day, Siegfried receives a detailed visualized summary on a competency level about the performance and achievements of his students. This visualization allows him to diagnose where students are in learning and to find gaps in knowledge and understanding. For instance, based on ProNIFA┬╣s visualizations, Siegfried could identify that Paul, one of his students, had problems differentiating different types of graphs, although he is able to work with Google spreadsheet at a technical level. Knowing that Paul already do not what type of graph to use with what type of information, Siegfried can offer specific learning materials and exercises for Paul.

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