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DIGITAL – Intelligent Information Systems Group,
Institute for Information and Communication Technologies
Steyrergasse 17
A-8010 Graz

Project Coordination, Software architecture and integration, self-directed learning, content-based analysis of multimedia, content description, metadata management and multimedia semantics.

Hasenauer, Helen
Mayer, Harald
Unterberger, Roland
Rollett, Herwig



Krinkelkroken 1, 3rd floor (visiting)
Post box 7810 (mail)
N-5020 Bergen

The research group InterMedia, Uni Helse focuses on R&D in technology enhanced learning, computer support for collaborative learning, mobile learning and ICT in health.

Hansen, Cecilie
Wasson, Barbara
Wake, Jo Dugstad

Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien -
Knowledge Media Research Center

Schleichstraße 6
D-72076 Tuebingen

Worldwide leading research institution in the field of psychological and educational media research, main expertise in quantitative and qualitative empirical research in the field of applied cognitive psychology, instructional design, and technology-enhanced learning.

Biel, Carmen
Hesse, Friedrich

Technische Universitaet Graz

Knowledge Management Institute
Inffeldgasse 21a/II
A-8010 Graz

Interdisciplinary research on Knowledge Management and Technology Enhanced Learning in a broad spectrum of domains, integrating technological and application-oriented perspectives, including cognitive and social science aspects.

Albert, Dietrich
Hillemann, Eva
Kickmeier-Rust, Michael

Copenhagen Business School

Center for Applied ICT (CAICT)
Howitzvej 60, 2nd Floor
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Focused on themes such as computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL), computer supported intercultural collaboration (CSIC), comparative informatics, human computer interaction in extreme environments.

Hussain, Abid
Vatrapu, Ravi

University of Birmingham

Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Birmingham B15 2TT

The School’s educational research focuses on adaptive learning environments, open learner modelling (including open learner models for children and teachers, visualisation and negotiated learner modelling), and with particular experience in mathematics, engineering and language domains.

Bull, Susan
Johnson, Matthew
Girard, Sylvie
Masci, Drew

London Knowledge Lab

Institute of Education
University of London
23-29 Emerald Street
London WC1N 3QS

The Institute of Education (IOE) is a research university in which, at any one time, staff are engaged in over 250 research projects funded by research councils, charities, government departments and international agencies. The London Knowledge Lab is a department in the faculty of Pedagogy and Curriculum. The IOE‘s research explores the roles of technology in the processes of learning with a focus on understanding how technology relates to broader social, economic and cultural factors. Researchers at the IOE have a long track record working in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders, policymakers and other external bodies, including BECTA, DCSF, and OfCOM.

Avramides, Katerina
Craft, Brock
Luckin, Rose
Hunter, Jade
Oliver, Martin

Lattanzio Learning S.p.A. della Vittoria, 11A/10
16121 Genova

Leader since over ten years in the eLearning content production and in the implementation of technological solutions and services for learning (Technology Based Learning, TBL).

Giorgini, Fabrizio

Verein Offenes Lernen – Sektion talkademy

Meytensg. 35 / 6
1130 Wien

The “Verein Offenes Lernen” is serving Universities, Schools and other organizations to utilize 3D spaces in education. It provides trainers, content and infrastructure for graded courses, thus having a fast growing network of partner organizations and user community. At the same time it is exploring the potential of 3D environments for learning and taking part in research projects.

Hammermueller, Klaus
Meissl-Egghart, Gerhilde

BOC Asset Management GmbH

Bäckerstraße 5
1010 Wien

Software development house and consultant in the field of IT-supported management approaches; main business field and its origin is Business Process Management with the toolkit  ADONIS®; experience in the areas of modelling, method development, and software development.

Utz, Wilfrid
Woitsch, Robert

BOC Information Technologies Consulting Sp. z o.o.

Al  Jerozolimskie 109 lok. 26
02-011 Warszawa

The BOC Group is a technological leader in IT-based management tools and offers consulting services in the areas of Strategy and Performance Management, Business Process Management, and IT Management. In addition to providing software tools and services on the domestic market, BOC in Poland actively supports leading Polish Universities in promoting BPM concepts by providing IT tools and trainings for educational purposes.

Kossowski, Michal

MTO Psychologische Forschung und Beratung GmbH

Schweickhardtstr. 5
D-72072 Tuebingen

Development of customized evaluation instruments and realization of (online-) surveys in the context of scientific based evaluation; conduction of trainings and workshops for skills and methods in organizational development, quality management, teaching aids, project management, performance appraisal and evaluation. Broad network of schools, school principals, authorities of the educational system and their representatives.

Hammer, Karsten ( – German speaking)
Reimann, Peter
Ripper, Juergen
Debus, Kolja Philipp ( – German, English and Swedish speaking)