Report on Baseline Studies and Requirement Analysis available

 2011-09-06 |

This report presents a comprehensive overview of the results and design-based research progress of NEXT-TELL in its first project year. The main part is divided into three parts comprising (1) the introduction of NEXT-TELL into different school systems, (2) the results of the Baseline Studies, and (3) the results of the workshops of the Requirements Analysis. This deliverable ends with an overview of the next research steps to be taken in the second project year.

The report concludes: “In general, we can say that teachers, school leaders, and higher educational authorities in the different project countries are very interested in NEXT-TELL. The different issues addressed by NEXT-TELL, that is, ICT-use at school in general, formative e-assessment, teacher research, professional teacher development, and school development are important issues for the respective stakeholders…The participating school countries differ with respect to how far they are already developed in the aforementioned issues. Schools in Norway and in England are not only better equipped with IT but are also more familiar with formative assessment and teacher research than countries like Austria and Germany. Therefore, the exchange between these countries’ provided by NEXT-TELL is a promising approach to also include and motivate teachers with less ICT experience.”

More information in Deliverable 6.1.