Special Issue on parental engagement in children’s uses of technology for learning

 2011-07-13 |

Carey Jewitt, London Knowledge Lab

The recent issue of the Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, co-edited by C. Davies and C. Jewitt – the later from London Knowledge Lab and a researcher in NEXT-TELL – focusses on the home as a learning environment, and parents’ engagement with their children’s learning through technology. From the editors’ introduction:

“These papers started from the basis that the policy trend was inexorably moving towards a world of learning that reached beyond the walls of schools and col- leges, enabling greater degrees of independent learning, family involvement, and online collaboration, and were all particularly concerned with trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of current moves in that direc- tion. The message of many of those papers was, at that time, and remains, that such trends are more problematic than the policy rhetoric at the time made them appear, and policymakers should take various difficul- ties and pitfalls into account before claiming that technology-based solutions now allowed us to view the home as unproblematically incorporated into the landscape of learning.”

In the NEXT-TELL project, providing parents with information on student learning is an important function of the Open Learner Model (see Deliverable 4.1), and empowering students to share more of their on-line out-of-schools activities with their teachers is one of the objectives behind the ePortfolio component (see Deliverable 3.1).