Teaching Analytics

The core problem that this workshop series on “Teaching Analytics” addresses is that in comparison with most other professionals that work in dynamically changing environments, teachers do not get the information they need for decision making in a timely fashion and in a meaningful and actionable format. Teaching Analytics is conceived as a subfield of learning analytics that focuses on the design, development, evaluation, and education of visual analytics methods and tools for teachers in primary, secondary, and tertiary educational settings. Furthermore, diagnostic data can be collected and needs to be displayed in real-time during a classroom activity or of smaller groups. Teachers’ professional practices with visual analytics methods and tools are a central concern of teaching analytics. Teaching analytics methods and tools aim to develop innovative solutions to assist and augment teachers’ dynamic diagnostic decision-making in the classrooms of the 21st century. An example usage scenario (but not limited to) is the use of teaching analytics methods and tools in high-performance classrooms that are characterized by 1:1 computing, high cognitive density, and big data.


Workshop History