Version 1 of NEXT-TELL Open Learner Model released

 2011-09-06 |

The first release of the OLM prototype is a proof of concept piece of technology. Learner models are the system’s representation of educational data pertaining to the learner, such as their mastery, conceptual knowledge, difficulties, learning goals, motivational states, etc. Opening the LM to the user can have benefits such as prompting reflections and collaboration; facilitating navigation; and enhancing user trust. It can also be used by others (e.g. teachers to help their decision making.)

Nine visualisation methods are provided for users of the OLM prototype. The visual methods used to externalise the underlying learner model are accessed through the HTTP protocol. The URL used to access the content is meaningful, composed of the parameters required to retrieve the information from the learner model database. For example, the URL may need to identify the person and the context, identify the type of information to which access is requested and specify additional parameters.

Images of nine learner visualisations

OLM visualisation elements

For more information see the public Deliverable 4.1.